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Coach Skills Training

For Professionals

Coach Training for Leaders and Support Professionals!

Learn how to coach individuals to their maximum potential through hands-on, comprehensive, and rigorous training personally designed for your organization.

Our training will help you establish the context of a situation and lead a series of coaching conversations that encourage the individual responsible for proactively defining goals and becoming accountable to their commitments. You will understand how the various aspects of coaching conversations (such as defining the opportunity or problem, analyzing options, and developing an action plan) can motivate and support individuals to help them successfully meet their goals and fast.

Coaching Skills Training for Professionals | Corporate Training

Coach Training for Leaders

Learn how to coach and motivate individual employees and teams for high performance, career development, skills training, and conflict resolution which leads to increased efficiency, happy employees, and happy customers.

Leaders include:

Executives • Managers • Supervisors • Coaches • Principles • Human Resource Professionals • and others.

Coach Training for Support Professionals

Learn how to coach individuals from where they are to where they want to be in life for greater success.

Support Professionals include:

Academic Advisors • Case Workers • Counselors • Mentors • Social Workers • Teachers • Therapists • and others.

Coaching Skills Training for Professionals | Corporate Training

Coach Training Programs

Coach Skills Training (1o Hrs)

Learn how to coach and have transformational coaching conversations.

Solution-Focused Coach Training (10 Hrs)

Learn an evidenced based approach that cuts delving into problems empowers.

Positive Psychology Coach Training (10 Hrs)

Learn how to help individuals increase happiness and overall well-being.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching & Training (10 Hrs)


Leadership Training (6 Hrs)


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