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Coach Training Online Program

Become A Certified
Codependency Recovery Coach


Here’s What You Will Learn

Codependency Coach Training Online

Codependency Coach Training Curriculum

  • Understanding of codependency
  • Coaching the Active Codependent
  • Coaching the Passive Codependent
  • Identifying the cover-up
  • Identifying what they desire
  • Redirecting the victimizing talk behavior
  • Encouraging a forward conversation
  • Understanding when it’s outside of the coach’s scope
  • How to teach the client to recognize their triggers
  • Listening for deep-seated wounds
  • When to recommend therapy
  • Listening for the clients need to control
  • Understanding how L.R.C. works in a client
  • Starting the process of eliminating L.R.C.
  • The 10 step Coaching Tools on how to help a client give up the need to control.
  • Helping the client find a new purpose
  • Listening for positive words and speech and when to seize the opportunity to for goal setting
  • Identify excuse patterns 
  • Excuses vs. Procrastination vs. Fear
  • Taking an emotional inventory with the client
  • Good vs. Bad emotional baggage
  • Helping the client identify feelings they can use towards their recovery
  • Developing a new set of principals
  • Identify if the client is feeling better and may not require additional sessions
  • Helping clients when they lose steam
  • Setting Boundaries
  • What to do when a client is nearing the recovery stage and a trigger occurs
  • How to Coach a client who is currently being manipulated by their L.R.C.
  • How to Coach a client is a Domestic Violence Relationship
  • Practicing the Art of Being Okay
  • Entering New Relationships

Certified Codependency Coach

What is codependency?
Codependency is a behavioral condition in a relationship where one person enables another person’s addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement. Among the core characteristics of codependency is an excessive reliance on other people for approval and a sense of identity. ~wikipedia

Codependency Coach Training

In this class, you will focus on how to coach individuals who may or may not otherwise portray signs of codependency, utilizing transformation tools, evidence-based coaching methods that have already been established in the field by professionals.

Bonus Trainings:

Certified Life Coach

Learn How to Coach

Coach Training Foundation Course

In this course, you will learn UCI’s Basic Coaching Model that will get you and your clients results. Learn the basic skills of coaching, how to coach, and how to conduct a coaching session.

*This section of the program is to be completed at home on your own.

**If you are already a certified coach, you will not need this training. 

Life Coach Training Self-Study Curriculum

Needed if you are not a certified coach.

  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Understanding the ICF
  • Getting Started as a Coach
  • Being Ethical and Professional while Coaching
  • Using Questions in Coaching
  • Listening, Acknowledging, and Empowering
  • Goal Attainment and Action Planning
  • Preparation for the Coaching Session
  • How to Conduct Your First Free Session and Win Clients
  • How to Run an Effective Coaching Session
  • Helping Your Clients to Succeed
  • After the Coaching Ends
  • Using Tests and Assessments in Coaching
  • How to Run Group Coaching Programs
  • Conducting Seminars and Workshops
  • Setting Up Your Coaching Business
  • Strategic Planning for Your Coaching Business
  • Marketing Your Coaching Business

Certified Solution-Focused Coach

Learn How to Coach Using UCI’s
Solution-Focused Model

This is an evidence-based model that is used by many therapists to help their clients solve problems. Learn how to use this model successfully in a coaching environment and with any niche.

Help your clients solve their deepest problems by focusing on the solution, not the problem. Learn UCI’s 10-Step Solution-Focused Coaching Model!

Solution-Focused Coach Training Curriculum

  • How to Run an Effective Solution-Focused Coaching Session
  • How to Focus on the Solution and Not the Problem
  • Use the “Future Perfect” to Discover What the Client Really Wants
  • Identify the Solutions, Even When It’s Not Obvious to the Client
  • Solution-Focused Goal Setting
  • Solution-Focused Action Planning
  • How to Increase Your Client’s Commitment to the Goal
  • How to Identify and Overcome Roadblocks Your Client May Have
  • How to Conduct Follow-up Sessions

Meet Your Trainer

Ivy Revined

Ivy “Revined” Lockett is a Codependency Recovery Coach and Certified Coach Trainer. She is also certified as a Life, Relationship, and Solution-Focused Coach by the Universal Coach Institute. She approaches coaching using solution-focused techniques strictly under the ICF Core Competencies.

Ivy is the owner of Ivy Revined Coaching and has over 10 years of experience coaching women who are in recovery or who have recovered from domestic violence, narcissistic abuse, and codependent relationships.

Self-Study Lessons

Using Any One Of Your Favorite




What Else You’ll Get…

Coaching Tools

Powerful Questions Worksheet
Goal and Action Plan Template
Client Preparation Worksheet
Coaching Feedback Worksheet
Coaching Session Agenda Form
Coaching Journal
Accountability Checklist
Group Coaching Package
Seminar Package

Client Welcome Packet

Welcome Letter
Intake Form
Background Questionnaire
Self-Assessment Worksheet
Policies and Procedures
Confidentiality Agreement
Payment Arrangement Form
Client Invoice
Referral Request
Brochure or website content

Coaching Exercises

Creating a Strong Foundation
Creating Your Vision
Identifying Life Drainers
Identifying Your Ideal Inner Circle
My Life Mind Map
Coaching Form Satisfaction Rating Table
Defining Your Ideal Self
Creating Your Vision
Being Clear about Creativity
Defining Your Ideal Outside
Identifying Your Values
Letting Go of the Past
Creating Your Life
Stress Identification Tools

Payment & Finance Forms

Cancelation Recovery Letter
Failed Payment Letter
Termination Letter
Contractor Information Form
Income Snapshot
Month-to-Month Trending
Business Checklist
Expense Checklist

Wealth Building Tools

Expand Your Thinking
Increasing Your Wealth
The Wealthy Mindset
Attaining Financial Abundance
Day to Day Spending
Debt Repayment Tracksheet

Coaching Business
Starter Course

01 - Establishing Yourself as an Expert
02 - Discover Your Niche and Ideal Client
03 - Define Your Business
04 - Design Your Website
05 - Pricing Your Coaching Services
06 - Create Your Free Product
07 - Build a List
08 - Product & Program Creation
09 - Marketing Plan

In Our Student Center, You’ll Get Access To:

Coach Training Lessons

All your coach training lessons in one place. You will have lifetime access to your videos, audios, and notes.

Coaching Skills and Techniques

Learn powerful coaching techniques to help your clients attain goals and become successful in life.

The Business Center

In the business center, you will get access to business and marketing trainings. We add a minimum of one new training a month. Learn how to set up your coaching business, how to get clients, how to market your business and more.

Tools, Forms, Exercises, and Resources

Get access to a library full of coaching tools, coaching exercises, resources, books, articles, gifts and more to use with your clients.

Coach Community

Learn from and network with other students and coaches. Join our Facebook community. Work with a coaching buddy.


When you need help, we are here for you. Take advantage of our coaching calls, email, voice messaging, and forum support.

Support You Will Receive

Coach Training Support

We work diligently to ensure that you become an effective coach. Even though this is a home study program we want to ensure that you understand what you are learning. Here are the ways that support you on your coaching journey…

1-on-1 Phone Consultation with a Mentor Coach

Schedule a consultation with a Mentor Coach, we often have same day appointments available.

Voice Message Support

Leave a voice message from the student center and we will reply with a voice message in 24 hours or less.

Mentor Email Support

Send us an email and we will reply to your emails in 24 hours or less.

Community Forum Support

Ask questions on our coaches community forum and get your answers within 24 hours or less.

Facebook Group Community

Join UCI’s student Facebook group community. Connect and get support from students, graduates, and coaches from Universal Coach Institute.

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